General Information Needed to Prepare Personal Tax Return...

For your security and identity purposes, drivers license and social security cards for you and your dependents will be requested.  If we did not prepare the prior year tax return, we will need a copy of that tax return along with birth dates of each taxpayer and dependents.  If you would like direct deposit of a refund, please bring a voided check or the bank routing number and account number.  For Earned Income Credit purposes, we as tax preparers need proof of residency for your dependents (IRS requires this for due diligence   in preparing your tax return).  A copy of medical bill, school record, or other official document showing your child's name and your address will show us proof that your child indeed lives with you.
* W-2 Forms, 1099MISC for earnings

* Tips collected and not reported to your employer

* Taxable Scholarships (above qualified expenses)

* 1099R and Social Security Statement for retirement and pensions

* 1099Int, 1099Div for interest and dividend income (Savings Bonds that are due must be cashed and/or interest reported in the year due)

* Foreign Bank Accounts or Foreign Income

* Form 1095-A, 1095-B, and/or 1095-C for Health Insurance

* 1099B for Broker and Barter Exchanges (stock or other sales)

* Sale of assets or property

* 1099C - Cancellation of Debt

* Self-employment income from services provided for pay (this includes checks or cash received from anyone)

* Rental Income

* Farm Income

* Schedule K-1 from partnerships, corporations, or trusts

* Alimony Received

* Unemployment Received

* Other income (such as jury duty pay, gambling winnings, and other miscellaneous income)

* Any gifts given to any one person in excess of $15,000 during the year (to determine if a gift tax return needs to be filed)

* Educator Expenses

* Contributions to HSA, Traditional IRA, SEP, SIMPLE or other qualified retirement plans

* Alimony Paid

* Student Loan Interest Paid

* Legally Blind

* Itemized Deductions (if better than Standard Deduction)

 *  - Medical, Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes (vehicles), paid State Taxes (limited to $10,000) , Mortgage Interest, Home Equity Interest (new rules),  Cash/Check and Donated Items to qualified charitable organizations, gambling losses,  casualty  losses (only if Federal-declared), etc.

* Child Care Expenses

* Education Expenses (Form 1098T for tuition, book expenses, and required class fees...Room and Board are NOT deductible)

* Residential Energy Expenses

* Estimated Taxes Paid

* Self-employment expenses (if you have self-employment income)

* Rental Expenses (if you have rental income)

* Farm Expenses (if you have farm income)

Engagement  Letter/ Organizer (PDF)

**  This is a general checklist.  Your tax preparer can give you more detailed information.
The links above is a downloadable organizer for your convenience.