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  1. The easiest way to upload documents is to use the guest exchange. Follow the instructions here.

    I can also send secure documents to you using your email and a PIN code. The PIN code AND a LINK will be emailed to the same address that you will enter to access the portal. (Note: security does not allow you any other access point except this link a new link needs to be sent each time)

    For those that would like an account to bypass the guest feature, I can send you the same information above except you will use the PIN code to create a unique password. (I won't have access to the password but can reset it).You will find detailed instructions here .

    NEW this year is the advanced document portal. Once you have an account and have set a passwod, this link takes you to the advanced portal with additional features. CONNECT allows you to send files, message me, view a checklist. In the future I may add remote signature and payment.

  2. Welcome to another tax year-
        If you only have a few documents please check out the Gathering Information page, There is a list of the most common documents needed to successfully prepare a return.

    Tax Organizers are a more complete tool to help you pull together all the documents needed to prepare your tax return. A blank Tax Organizer is available on this website. I can email a (password protected) detailed organizer using your 2017 tax data or, place your organizer on the SecureFilePro portal. Please let me know.

    New this year is a link for self preparing your return. Please read the information carefully, I will have no access to your tax data, partially   or completed return!

    If you have moved, please contact me to make sure I have the correct address for you.
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  3. Start self-preparing your tax return today

    While I recommend that you use a professional to prepare your tax
    return, I realize that some will still wish to file online themselves
    in order to save some money.

    For those who wish to self-prepare, I have provided a link for online
    filing of your 1040 return at the bottom of this page. This year, forms 1040-EZ and 1040-A have been eliminated. Preparing your return can be as little as FREE for Federal. (state returns have a fee)

    Drake Software, the same company that I use in my practice, and is one of the largest tax software companies serving more than 55,000 tax professionals nationwide. They have been making professional-grade income tax software since 1977. Since this is a service of another company,  I won't have access to the return.

    Tax preparation may seem expensive until you receive a CP2000 notice for failing to report any income, payments, and credits or if you overstate certain deductions, on an income tax return. It informs you of the proposed adjustments to income, payments, credits or deductions.

    Just because the IRS sent you a demand
    letter, doesn't mean you owe the money.
    But,how would you know?
    You pay for my knowledge &
    YOUR peace of mind!

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