Income Tax Preparation

Paul Laird 


  1. Welcome to another tax year-
        If you only have a few documents please check out the Gathering Information page, There is a list of the most common documents needed to successfully prepare a return.

    Tax Organizers are a more complete tool to help you pull together all the documents needed to prepare your tax return. A blank Tax Organizer is available on this website. I can email a (password protected) detailed organizer using your 2017 tax data or, place your organizer on the SecureFilePro portal. Please let me know.

    New this year is a link for self preparing your return. Please read the information carefully, I will have no access to your tax data, partially   or completed return!

    If you have moved, please contact me to make sure I have the correct address for you.



1864 Income Tax Form
1913 Income Tax Form

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