Download the New Client Organizer here.

New Clients

Currently accepting new clients with:

  • Current and past tax year returns to prepare.

  • Audit letters from Federal/State

  • Amended returns.

  • Business income (1099-NEC)

  • Rental income

  • Sale of Home with Form 593 (1099S)

  • Robinhood/day trading (1099B)

  • Form 1099-k issued from 3rd party.

or other tax issues

NEW Tax Client(s) will need to complete the New Client Organizer.

Along with the New Client Data sheet, you will need to include copies of your Social Security Card(s), CDL or other ID, and a copy of your previous year’s tax return with your tax documents. Please include Social Security Card(s) for any dependent(s) that you are claiming.

IF you have dependent(s), you will need to complete the Tax Credit interview sheet to determine if you qualify for:

  • Qualify for the EITC

  • Head of Household status

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Education expenses

Download the fillable Organizer to get started today.

Please contact me with any inquiries or questions that you may have.